Definition of departure lounge in English:

departure lounge

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  • A seating area in an airport where passengers wait immediately prior to boarding.

    ‘A private elevator takes passengers to the departure lounge to board.’
    • ‘We were ushered through to the departure lounge - where there were about half a dozen duty-free shops.’
    • ‘A few years ago I was in a departure lounge at Logan Airport, waiting for my flight to San Francisco to board.’
    • ‘Sitting in the departure lounge, mobiles were constantly in use.’
    • ‘I sat around in the departure lounge, my head in my hands, shaking slightly with nervousness.’
    • ‘We got off and waited in the departure lounge.’
    • ‘He had passed through check-in and passport control without any problems and was waiting in the smoking area of the departure lounge.’
    • ‘Security at the airport had been stepped up since Wednesday last week with armed police guarding the departure lounge and patroling the perimeter fence.’
    • ‘Our bags were x-rayed, we walked to the departure gate and waited in the departure lounge until the bus was called.’
    • ‘My holiday always begins at the airport as soon as I've passed through customs and have moved into the departure lounge.’
    • ‘He gave the new boarding pass to Mellon and they both then entered the departure lounge.’
    • ‘As she was sitting in the departure lounge she reminisced about the past few months.’
    • ‘People were kept waiting on board one flight for nearly three hours before being moved to a departure lounge.’
    • ‘The departure lounge was filling up.’
    • ‘The new area will become a dedicated domestic departure lounge when the building is eventually renovated and partly rebuilt.’
    • ‘Airport staff stopped him in the departure lounge as he tried to board a flight for Boston.’
    • ‘Passengers were removed from the departure lounge and forced to go through pre-board security screening a second time.’
    • ‘I was then led to the departure lounge where I was to wait until it was time to get on board.’
    • ‘They were kept waiting on the tarmac in Manchester for nearly three hours, before spending five hours in a departure lounge, only to be told their flight had been cancelled.’
    • ‘Passengers departing from Dublin were held up in queues for up to two hours as they were made remove belts, shoes, prosthetic limbs and false teeth as they passed into the departure lounge.’