Definition of depressing in English:


Pronunciation /dəˈpresiNG/ /dəˈprɛsɪŋ/

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  • 1Causing or resulting in a feeling of miserable dejection.

    ‘that thought is too depressing for words’
    • ‘For today was equally as depressing and miserable as the last ten months.’
    • ‘Walking around the town centre last Saturday was a miserable, depressing experience.’
    • ‘Why couldn't he leave me to my miserable depressing, but completely productive thoughts?’
    • ‘That feeling of dejection could be very depressing for a child if he is not able to establish a relationship he wants.’
    • ‘It was almost as if the pair of eyes were telling him a story, a depressing story where no words were needed to be said nor heard.’
    • ‘Our changing cultural climate has replaced the traditional image of boys with a bleaker and more depressing picture.’
    • ‘However, although the specter of death hovers over the entire film, it is neither a grim nor a depressing experience.’
    • ‘The two scenes matched in the bleak, depressing colour, but after that, they were a world apart.’
    • ‘It's also makes for a dingy, depressing way to live.’
    • ‘Against such a depressing backdrop, teaching children ‘the magic word’ and the golden rule seems hopeless.’
    • ‘Gone are the dark depressing corners, the walled off open areas and the brick bin stores.’
    • ‘The toasty fire nearby sent a yellow and orange glow to their skin, lighting up the otherwise dark and depressing room.’
    • ‘Letters from my family are sort of depressing, though sometimes my cousins write a few words that makes me laugh.’
    • ‘Neither is this exhibition especially depressing or gloomy.’
    • ‘He had no intention to go to her funeral, to endure a depressing ceremony just to say parting words of love that he had already given her while she still lived.’
    • ‘The world would be a very gloomy and depressing place if there was no hope.’
    • ‘The walls were of a depressing dark wood paneling with bookshelves aligning them.’
    • ‘We were in the middle of the dark, depressing island winter, you got up in the dark and returned from work in the dark for months on end.’
    • ‘But despite this grim subject matter it is not a depressing play.’
    • ‘The series's triumph is in making a depressing premise funny, while never losing sight of the grim reality beneath the laughs.’
    upsetting, distressing, painful, heartbreaking, heart-rending, dispiriting, disheartening, discouraging, demoralizing
    gloomy, bleak, dreary, grim, drab, sombre, dark, dingy, funereal, miserable, cheerless, joyless, comfortless, uninviting
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    1. 1.1Causing a damaging reduction in economic activity.
      ‘the mortgage rate increase will have a depressing effect on the housing market’
      • ‘By doing this they will set in motion a depressing effect on economic activity some time in the future - more than likely in 12 months or so time.’
      • ‘This is despite the fact that no account has been taken of the potentially depressing impact on economic activity and revenue buoyancy of their tax raising proposals.’
      • ‘Higher interest rates, and the threat of further rises, have had a depressing effect on the market.’
      • ‘This new demand is expected to outweigh the depressing effect on prices of western supermarket groups.’
      • ‘Record oil prices (in nominal terms) will likely have a depressing effect on growth over the medium term.’
      • ‘Yes, it is having a depressing effect on the price, but that's the consequence of a requirement of public honesty.’
      • ‘Indeed, high unemployment in France has had the effect of depressing pay.’
      • ‘For most of the first and second republics, copper was the mainstay of the economy until a sharp decline in its price on the international market begun to have a depressing effect.’
      • ‘That has to have a depressing effect upon all wages.’
      • ‘It is easy to see why a fall in interest rates has a magnified effect in Anglo-American economies, and when rates are rising there is a significant depressing effect.’
      • ‘To the contrary, sharply slower consumer spending is essentially exerting the opposite effect of depressing income growth.’
      • ‘In both cases, there are depressing effects on other sectors as well.’
      • ‘The faster prices are expected to decline, the greater will be the depressing effect on investment.’
      • ‘These can all have a depressing effect on local industry.’
      • ‘An increase in the interest rate or the appreciation of the dollar had a depressing effect on agriculture.’
      • ‘Higher rates also have a strong depressing effect on securities prices, as we have seen in the past year.’
      • ‘This had a thoroughly depressing impact on the world economy.’