Definición de derailment en inglés


Pronunciación /dəˈrālmənt/ /dəˈreɪlmənt/

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  • 1The action of a train or trolley car leaving its tracks accidentally.

    ‘an investigation into the derailment of a freight train’
    • ‘track defects are being cited as the cause of the derailment’
    • ‘All the points were supposed to have been refitted following the Hatfield derailment, which was caused by a broken rail.’
    • ‘On Friday a rail shattered, causing a derailment near Hammersmith, west London.’
    • ‘He said all three train derailments have apparently been caused by an internal defect in the tracks.’
    • ‘In 12 months to March, there were 1,269 incidents that could have caused a fatal derailment or injury.’
    • ‘Five track gangs maintained the 72 miles of track, including over 700 switches and repaired the high priority derailment damage.’
    • ‘The number of collisions and derailments has reduced steadily, with the lowest ever number being recorded last year.’
    • ‘About 514 feet of rail was dislocated in the derailment.’
    • ‘The collision resulted in the derailment of the cab car and four passenger cars of train 1270.’
    • ‘The train was on its way back at the end of the day when a low-speed derailment occurred.’
    • ‘Yesterday's derailment occurred within five miles of Tuesday's smash.’
    1. 1.1The obstruction of a process by diverting it from its intended course.
      ‘the derailment of the peace process’
      • ‘The movement will actively work to stop the candidate in November, though the derailment will come from the ideological right.’
      • ‘The peace process got derailed for a while and that derailment brought it more publicity than it would have ever gotten any other way.’
      • ‘Their primary aim was the derailment or interruption of intentional action.’
      • ‘The Indian American dream is paved with crooked paths, detours, and not infrequent derailment.’
      • ‘On the contrary, if you're feeling lethargic, irritable or insatiably hungry, you're likely the victim of dietary derailment.’
      • ‘This was a move that wasn't planned by committee organisers, who called it an "irresponsible derailment."’
      • ‘A couple comedies were a temporary derailment before he returned with a vengeance with Total Recall.’
      • ‘It's best to see this as a delay rather than a derailment - of the controversial measures, fiercely advocated by the film and music industry.’
      • ‘The two Governments decided that to demand a response to their proposals at this point would almost certainly trigger an immediate derailment.’
      • ‘He said this album has taken a bit of time because of some derailments in setting up his own studio.’