Definición de derepress en inglés


Pronunciación /ˌdēriˈpres/ /ˌdirɪˈprɛs/

verbo transitivo

[con objeto]Biochemistry Genetics
  • Activate (enzymes, genes, etc.) from an inoperative or latent state.

    ‘About 3% of yeast genes are derepressed in tup1 mutants, as determined by microarray analysis.’
    • ‘In addition, these mutations were able to derepress endogenous genes at HML.’
    • ‘Starvation for histidine derepresses the entire operon, the longest then known.’
    • ‘Most of the genes are derepressed in the absence of a functional hns gene, indicating that H-NS mainly functions as a repressor.’
    • ‘Blocking deacetylation by sodium butyrate or trichostatin A derepresses silent rRNA genes subject to nucleolar dominance.’