Definition of dermatophytosis in English:


nounplural noun dermatophytoses/-sēz/

another term for dermatomycosis
‘Tinea corporis refers to a dermatophytosis or superficial fungal infection of the skin, other than on the hands, feet, scalp, face or groin.’
  • ‘The differential diagnosis of erythrasma includes psoriasis, dermatophytosis, candidiasis, and intertrigo.’
  • ‘Skin fungal diseases are called dermatophytoses from phyton, a plant.’
  • ‘Skin scrapings can identify scabies and dermatophytoses.’
  • ‘Dermatophytes responsible for causing dermatophytoses in humans have acquired resistance to certain antimycotic drugs.’



/dərˌmadəfīˈtōsəs/ /dərˌmædəfaɪˈtoʊsəs/