Definition of dernier cri in English:

dernier cri


the/le dernier cri
  • The very latest fashion.

    ‘as soon as he was passé on the European scene, he became the dernier cri here’
    • ‘But it really was a devil of a job to get excited about food when the dernier cri was wheatgrass juice.’
    • ‘I don't know when it made its first appearance in this context but it is the dernier cri in fitness circles, and if you want to be trendy and a follower of the latest craze on the gym circuit its use is de rigueur.’
    • ‘Widely billed as the dernier cri in armoury, the light sabre is nothing more than a flashlight powered by wasps that has to be held in both hands.’
    • ‘Do I not like the group because they are the dernier cri in insipid and inoffensive, and you can't tell one song from the next?’
    • ‘The cocktails were good, the bill was huge and the bottles of water cost £4.50-which is more than you pay even in top restaurants, which have always been le dernier cri in water exploitation.’
    fashion, mode, style, trend, taste, fad, fancy, passing fancy, craze, rage, enthusiasm, passion, infatuation, obsession, mania, fascination


dernier cri

/dərnˌyā ˈkrē/ /dərnˌjeɪ ˈkri/ /ˌdernˌyā ˈkrē/ /ˌdɛrnˌjeɪ ˈkri/


Late 19th century French, literally ‘last cry’.