Definition of desalinate in English:


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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Remove salt from (seawater)

    ‘it is now possible to desalinate seawater using cheap electricity from solar panels’
    • ‘a pipeline pumping desalinated seawater into the desert’
    • ‘Irrigation of the land with seawater desalinated by fusion power is ancient.’
    • ‘Alternative sources such as reclaimed wastewater and desalinated seawater are options in some locales.’
    • ‘Apart from a tiny percentage of the world's population, who drink desalinated seawater, the only water we drink is rainwater.’
    • ‘One of these patents has revolutionized the way we can better desalinate sea water for human consumption.’
    • ‘If more countries could afford to desalinate sea water, for example, the problem would be solved.’
    • ‘Sea water may be desalinated if passed through sand, for the particles of sand obstruct the long, rigid particles of salt while letting water particles through.’
    • ‘As the worst drought in a decade leaves millions short of water, a handful of officials and scientists are pushing plans to use nuclear power to desalinate seawater for drinking.’
    • ‘They agreed to use nuclear technology to desalinate seawater or the conversion of seawater into fresh water, salt and electricity in Madura.’
    • ‘The two leaders agreed to work together in advancing techniques for desalinating seawater to cope with perennial water shortages in Saudi Arabia, the official said.’
    • ‘The disadvantage in desalinating seawater is that it is very energy hungry, and we find that the cost is at least double that of producing a very high quality from a municipal wastewater.’
    • ‘Hopefully, the development of technology to desalinate water from the Mediterranean, will allow us to give more water back to the river itself.’
    • ‘Why, in all these years, have we not developed a way to desalinate our sea water, as, for example, they do in Dubai?’
    • ‘Water is a precious commodity on the dry east Mediterranean island, which desalinates more than a fifth of its household needs from the sea.’
    • ‘One increasingly popular approach is to use desalinated water to supplement regular drinking water.’
    • ‘The power plant also produces some 200 million liters of clean water as a result of desalinating sea water, which is used as a coolant.’
    • ‘Their goal is to sell desalinated ocean water to cities and developers.’
    • ‘And probably we do drink desalinated water all the time in various forms while we don't pay attention to it.’
    • ‘The proposed project will have a capacity to provide 300 million litres per day of desalinated water.’
    • ‘The facility's environmental features include solar powering, desalinating water tank, large windows for natural light, 'no-water' compost toilets and central breezeways to avoid the need for air conditioning.’
    • ‘They argue that water needs could be met by dredging existing reservoirs, using water from nearby cities, or desalinating ocean water.’



/dēˈsaləˌnāt/ /diˈsæləˌneɪt/