Definition of descendent in English:



  • Descending from an ancestor.

    ‘there are 60 descendent families’
    ‘descendent lineages’
    • ‘She was very excited to hear the idea of teaching Japanese to their Japanese descendent children, since she herself had always thought about teaching Japanese to her daughters when they were school-aged.’
    • ‘Though named for a town in Spain, the Padron pepper is descendent from plants the Spaniards encountered in the New World.’
    • ‘He was the great-grandson of John of Gaunt, the third son of Edward III, himself the great-great-grandson of King John, who was descendent from William I on the distaff side via his grandmother Matilda.’
    • ‘Events of ancient gene transfer can transmit genetic novelties to descendent lineages and subsequently shape their genetic systems.’
    • ‘Four of the descendent pairs were eventually imported into the United States in 1954.’
    • ‘They thus not only compare populations with others that existed at the same time; they also compare them with both ancestral and descendent populations.’
    • ‘Other people may simply want to verify whether they are actually descendent from a specific group or a certain person for legal reasons or peace of mind.’


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