Definition of desexualization in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌsekSHo͞oələˈzāSHən/


(also British desexualisation)

See desexualize

‘What dramatization, sanitization, and desexualization follow from this general inflation of psychic economies across the whole of social space?’
  • ‘One of feminism's great legacies was to dismantle the Victorian desexualisation of women whereby they were expected to bridle men's unruly sexuality.’
  • ‘Aside from constantly portraying ‘himself,’ his beautified body, desexualization, and on-screen relationships with men also play into his unrecognized camp.’
  • ‘Does it close off the contradictions in terms of a patriarchal discourse on motherhood, asking the spectator to accept desexualization, sacrifice, and powerlessness?’
  • ‘The gradual desexualization of the mother is based on unfortunate, limiting stereotypes.’