Definition of designee in English:



  • A person who has been designated.

    ‘Thereafter, the time will rotate every 60 minutes between the two Leaders or their designees until 4: 00 p.m.’
    • ‘It was designated and returned to the designees.’
    • ‘Most caucus designees in the state are already committed to other candidates.’
    • ‘A designee may pick up an absentee ballot for a voter on election day or 4 days before election day.’
    • ‘On a case-by-case basis, the Special Agent in Charge or their designee may grant exceptions to the directive and this policy.’
    • ‘The two faculty members identified their respective designees to serve on the panel; the administration selected one person to serve as its designee for both panels.’
    • ‘When your instructor thinks you're ready, he will make arrangements for you to take a check ride with a flight examiner from the FAA or one of its designees.’
    • ‘In typical modest fashion, we would have never known about this honor if her mother, as a prior recipient, didn't receive a list of this years designees.’
    • ‘The two designees for the eight races will be named at the post-position draw on October 23.’
    • ‘The general secretary or designee may take whatever steps are deemed necessary to effect a resolution of the complaint, which may include assisting in the resolution of the complaint at the chapter or conference level.’
    • ‘Physicians and hospitals unwilling or unable to provide - or withhold - care according to a patient or his designee's instructions can choose to stop treatment.’
    • ‘Before surgery and for three days postoperatively, the principle investigator or designee performed skin assessments observing for pressure ulcer incidence.’
    • ‘Monitors are selected by and report to the sponsor or the sponsor's designee.’
    • ‘The examination is proctored and administered by the fellowship director or designee at program sites.’
    • ‘Attending physicians or their designee also will speak with the patient or family members about injuries resulting from adverse events.’
    • ‘A health care facility's senior manager or other designee decides when to initiate the emergency response plan.’
    • ‘The instructions asked that the superintendent or designee complete and return the survey.’
    • ‘For example, can a resident or other designee perform this task when delegated to do so by the surgeon?’
    • ‘If so, the applicant will be interviewed by the facility's manager or a hiring designee.’
    • ‘If the coach, or his designee, doesn't take the time to promote the program, no one will.’



/ˌdeziɡˈnē/ /ˌdɛzɪɡˈni/