Definition of designer drug in English:

designer drug

Pronunciation /dəˈzaɪnər/

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  • A synthetic analog of a legally restricted or prohibited drug, devised to circumvent drug laws.

    ‘MDMA, or Ecstasy as it is more commonly known, is an amphetamine-like designer drug from the late 1970s.’
    • ‘It's the story of a streetwise American master chemist who heads to England to set up the deal of his lifetime - introducing a new designer drug, POS51, to the European market.’
    • ‘Quickly thereafter the drug made its way over to Europe and in the early 80s in Britain it was a designer drug only used by wealthy clubbers and pop stars.’
    • ‘A LETHAL designer drug that has left young clubbers in Yorkshire fighting for their lives was yesterday banned by the Home Office after pressure from worried health chiefs and police.’
    • ‘The pair were in the city to launch the film, the story of a master chemist who brings a new designer drug to Europe.’
    • ‘THG is a designer drug that was tweaked by chemists so that it would go unnoticed by normal dope tests.’
    • ‘There's a lot of questions still needing answered and I also think, if this is one designer drug which our sport has not been able to catch, how many more are there?’
    • ‘‘So you lot go in for designer drugs that you can't get arrested for using? ‘said Belinda.’
    • ‘Personal chemists can recommend masking agents, altered dosing strategies and designer drugs that go undetected in tests.’
    • ‘Many drug testers believe that within a few years, desperate athletes will try to alter their genes so that they don't need designer drugs.’
    • ‘No diets, no trips to the gym, no designer drugs - just a longterm relationship with a decent guy who loves her no matter what size she is, and plenty of walking.’
    • ‘And most recently it was revealed that new, hard to detect designer drugs are frequently used in amateur and professional sports.’
    • ‘This documentary examines the rapid advancement of designer drugs in sport and the anti-doping scientists hot on their trail.’
    • ‘There is concern even by athletes themselves that the tests cannot keep up with the new designer drugs that are taken in the sport.’
    • ‘They were pursuing a mirage of infinite wealth in private aeroplanes, high on champagne and designer drugs.’
    • ‘Desoxymethylestosterone, to use its full name, is an even newer designer drug, manufactured specifically to enable athletes to take artificial steroids without detection.’