Definition of desk job in English:

desk job


  • A job based at a desk, especially as opposed to one in active military service.

    • ‘The Army told him if he joined now he would be given a desk job in military intelligence.’
    • ‘Then when an ankle injury forced him into a desk job, the Secret Service came to his rescue.’
    • ‘John said that he would never be able to do a nine to five job and a desk job is definitely not for him.’
    • ‘I never wanted a desk job… THEY wanted me to have a desk job.’
    • ‘The 38-year-old has given up his white-collar desk job and is donning his overalls to start his own business.’
    • ‘‘I've been employed by corporate organisations all my working life, and the next step up would have been a desk job,’ he said.’
    • ‘So far 29 officers have been sacked, placed on probation or forced to accept a desk job while 39 criminal convictions have been overturned.’
    • ‘I'm 27 years old, I have expendable income, a stationary desk job and poor dietary habits.’
    • ‘The combination of years of weight training, a desk job and lots of driving had left him with poor posture and limited flexibility in his shoulders.’
    • ‘She was assigned a desk job as an analyst at that time for her own safety.’
    • ‘Their desk job does not give them any opportunity for physical exercise.’
    • ‘That's why she has chosen to work full-time at a desk job for a few months.’
    • ‘But the incident left him with severe injuries, and he switched to a desk job.’
    • ‘Then, quite by chance, his dream came true - and he left his desk job for good.’
    • ‘Then he was given a desk job to tide him over until retirement.’
    • ‘I always knew I would fly and I don't want a desk job for the rest of my life.’
    • ‘If you're one of the millions of Americans with a desk job, get out of your chair once every hour for 5-10 minutes of standing stretches.’
    • ‘Disabled, he was offered a desk job for better pay.’
    • ‘He's decided to retire to a desk job in the Coast Guard.’
    • ‘Less than a month after her arrival, her first partner literally crawled on his knees before the Captain, begging to be transferred to a desk job.’