Definition of desmosomal in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdezməˈsōməl/



See desmosome

‘Ultrastructural examination of the paraffin-embedded tissue demonstrated long and thin interdigitating cytoplasmic processes and desmosomal cell junctions between adjacent cell processes.’
  • ‘Focal neuroendocrine membrane-bound dense-core granules surrounded by a slender halo and desmosomal intercellular junctions were demonstrated.’
  • ‘They connect with the developing keratinocytes through intercellular connections, or desmosomal junctions.’
  • ‘Electron microscopic examination performed from the paraffin-embedded tissue revealed desmosomal structures and thin, elongated, wavy, branching microvilli characteristic of mesothelial cells.’
  • ‘The epidermal cells in the upper layers are connected to each other through extensive desmosomal junctions.’