Definition of desolder in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • Remove the solder from (electrical components), usually to effect separation.

    ‘cut the pins one by one on the component side, desolder the halves, then throw the chip out’
    • ‘It takes power to generate enough heat to melt solder, especially when connecting or desoldering large components and when using solder wick.’
    • ‘I was able to rewire and test circuits quickly without having to solder and desolder.’
    • ‘‘If you have to, you can just change the programmable memory chip - desolder it, put it back on there,’ he says.’
    • ‘In the electrical arts as mentioned, it is often desired to desolder an electrical connection, such as, for example, a wire wrapped terminal, a wire to circuit board eyelet, or the like.’
    • ‘Desoldering and replacing components is not as easy as soldering them.’



/dēˈsädər/ /diˈsɑdər/