Definition of despite oneself in English:

despite oneself


  • Used to indicate that one did not intend or expect to do the thing mentioned.

    ‘despite herself Fran felt a ripple of appreciation for his beauty’
    • ‘Also controversial was his use of front-wheel-drive, which a reluctant British market came to accept despite itself.’
    • ‘And there's some funny business, although you might occasionally laugh despite yourself.’
    • ‘One of the things that happens when you are in power for a long time is that, despite yourself, you become the status quo.’
    • ‘The photograph effects a metamorphosis, not only of the object but of the subject, including the photographer, as well as of everyday reality, making them enter its realm, even despite themselves.’
    • ‘The subtlest aspect of the movie is its attention to how Sam and Alex conceal information from each other as they start opening up despite themselves to their new environment.’
    • ‘He and his teammates continued to make basic errors and almost despite themselves, Australia managed to level the scores.’
    • ‘I spent a lot of time at their house while I was growing up and despite themselves they made the house a warm and fun place to visit.’
    • ‘It attempts to titillate but with a degree of sophistication that has us all watching despite ourselves.’
    • ‘It was a grubby, grotty, sleazy, cruisy dive, but it had atmosphere, and we all loved it despite ourselves.’
    • ‘I find myself, in some weird way, sticking up for him, despite myself.’