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Pronunciation /dəˈtektər/ /dəˈtɛktər/


often with modifier
  • 1A device or instrument designed to detect the presence of a particular object or substance and to emit a signal in response.

    ‘methane detectors’
    • ‘The carbon monoxide detector is designed to sense the presence of carbon monoxide in the air.’
    • ‘But it took another six years for a TV detector van to take to the streets.’
    • ‘They use detection equipment, including detector vans and hand-held scanners.’
    • ‘An adaptor on the back of the camera allows for hook up to devices such as motion detectors and doorbells.’
    • ‘When the laser bear hits a detector, the laser detector records a kill or near miss.’
    • ‘The good news for the radar detector supplier and thousands of motorists is that the devices are still legal to buy and use in the UK.’
    • ‘One of the problems with the bus detector idea is that it might confuse buses with lorries and a method of dealing with that is also being looked into.’
    • ‘This flare saturated the X-ray detectors on several monitoring satellites.’
    • ‘Bomb detectors seem to be popular devices that are being installed in many buildings these days.’
    • ‘It is essential to select the appropriate traffic detector technology for each specific function.’
    • ‘Motion detector software checks for blinking, and translates this into clicks.’
    • ‘On her left were the weird heart rate detectors and blood pressure monitors.’
    • ‘Motion detectors and daylighting sensors keep electric light use to a minimum.’
    • ‘The chemical agent detectors and radiological monitors were going off all over the place.’
    • ‘Canadian authorities use vapour detectors for bomb detection at airports.’
    • ‘The roads shall have sensory speed detectors, traffic lights and tar macadam.’
    • ‘The cosmic dust detector recorded two micrometeoroid showers in September and December.’
    • ‘If we spent money on hypocrisy detectors as well as anthrax detectors, they would be buzzing.’
    • ‘Behind that is a photon detector, placed so as to detect the light from only one slit.’
    • ‘As well as the drive through model, the company is working on a handheld detector device.’
    detector, scanner, recorder
    1. 1.1
      another term for demodulator (see demodulate)



/dəˈtektər/ /dəˈtɛktər/