Definition of deteriorative in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌrātiv/


See deteriorate

‘According to Hillman as well as Hillman and Ursprung, liberalization has a deteriorative effect on economic performance until a cultural adaptation takes place.’
  • ‘Molecular mobility within preserved biological materials provides a first approximation of the rate of deteriorative reactions that ultimately affect shelf-life.’
  • ‘In a seminal article, Leopold defined senescence in plant cells, along the lines previously proposed by Medawar, as ‘the deteriorative processes that are natural causes of death’.’
  • ‘Theoretically, acceptance of the reductive equivalents should, on the one hand, stimulate energy metabolism and, on the other, prevent deteriorative effects of cytoplasm acidification.’
  • ‘The low viscosity and enhanced molecular mobility in the rubbery or liquid state would permit certain deteriorative reactions to proceed rapidly, which are otherwise retarded in the glassy state.’