Definition of deterritorialize in English:



(also British deterritorialise)

See deterritorialization

‘The French spend their time taking stock, while the English, he says, always ‘deterritorialize themselves’.’
  • ‘Sakai's notion of English as a contributor of heterogeneity also helps to deterritorialize English as a language that conveys an inherently American cultural sensibility.’
  • ‘It must deterritorialize tradition and celebrate the entrepreneur currently starring in financial pages and stump speeches, not to mention school curricula.’
  • ‘Echeverria's space appears, at first glance, to expand and deterritorialize the limits of El Hoyo.’
  • ‘The minor literature ‘deterritorializes’ the major literature, disrupting its hegemonic order and ‘reterritorializing’ it in a new ‘sense’ thus changing the map or the landscape of the established literature.’