Definition of detribalize in English:


(British detribalise)


[with object]usually as adjective detribalized
  • 1Remove (someone) from a traditional tribal social structure.

    ‘the 250,000 Australian Aborigines include many detribalized urban people’
    • ‘Until very recently, the main thrust of federal policy was to break up the extended family, the clan structure, to detribalize and assimilate Indian populations.’
    • ‘His life proved that he was a highly detribalised African.’
    • ‘It is less practised among those Gikuyu who have been Europeanised or detribalised.’
    • ‘Kenyatta insists that only a detribalized African will marry an uncircumcised woman, and his account of the ritual stresses its high cultural valence in traditional Gikuyu culture.’
    1. 1.1Remove a traditional tribal social structure from (a culture).
      ‘Tribal societies, unlike detribalized, fragmented cultures with their stress on individualist values, are extremely austere morally.’
      ‘The supposed goal was to detribalize the economy and culture and drop Indians into the "free" market where private enterprise would assimilate them.’