Definition of detrimentally in English:



See detrimental

‘Reductions in bed numbers may mean that it is more likely that patients will be transferred outside of the area, which may, in turn, cost more and may detrimentally affect their treatment.’
  • ‘Any beneficial acclimatization effect was detrimentally offset by the inability to train at high intensity due to the lack of oxygen.’
  • ‘He says he is ‘outraged’ at the action that detrimentally affects the 1.2 million Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States.’
  • ‘It's a valid proposal, but it needs to be looked at further to ensure community needs and businesses are not detrimentally affected.’
  • ‘It has also given the impression that Britain is acting detrimentally to the general European interest and is the only country marching out of step.’



/ˌdetrəˈmen(t)lē/ /ˌdɛtrəˈmɛn(t)li/