Definition of detritivorous in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdetrəˈtivərəs/



See detritivore

‘While most species of Daphnia, including D. pulex, are herbivorous or detritivorous (feeding on phytoplankton), a few are carnivorous and prey on other water fleas.’
  • ‘They included both carnivorous and detritivorous types.’
  • ‘However, even if the glossopterids did not possess toxic secondary metabolites that discouraged detritivores, their dominance still may have played a role in the abundance of detritivorous oribatid mites.’
  • ‘Although no definitive mite wood borings have been reported from the Mesozoic, there is evidence of detritivorous oribatid mites in the form of body fossils from the Upper Cretaceous.’
  • ‘Other insects observed in the nests were a few small, undetermined dipteran larvae in one nest, and small detritivorous rove beetles in 10 nests.’