Definition of deuterated in English:



(also deuteriated)
  • (of a compound) in which the ordinary isotope of hydrogen has been replaced with deuterium.

    ‘The activation energy is greater and the rate of the reaction is correspondingly less for the deuterated compounds.’
    • ‘It must be remembered that the deuterated compounds have a lower Tm than the nondeuterated compounds.’
    • ‘They then dissolved the sample in deuterated acetone and filtered it before running the NMR spectra.’
    • ‘Quadrupole splittings of the dominant spectral feature were considerably smaller than the value of - 40 kHz expected for deuterated alanine methyl groups on immobilized peptides.’
    • ‘For 2 H-NMR experiments, each sample contained 10 mg of deuterated lipid.’



/ˈd(y)o͞odəˌrādəd/ /ˈd(j)udəˌreɪdəd/