Definition of deuteration in English:


Pronunciation /ˌd(y)o͞otəˈrāSHən/


(also deuteriation)

See deuterated

‘Neutron diffraction determinations of the methyl distribution using specific deuteration will resolve the issue.’
  • ‘The results indicate that also in viscous solutions, where bimolecular quenching reactions are inhibited, deuteration of the ring nitrogen does not affect the lifetime of NATA.’
  • ‘Pohnert used deuteration techniques to figure out which nutrients are being used to make the chemical weapons.’
  • ‘As such, for any characteristic of PYP, in which exchangeable protons play a significant role, it might be possible to observe a deuterium isotope effect upon deuteration of the exchangeable protons.’
  • ‘The difference spectra of amide I bands at similar time points of deuteration directly indicate differences in the dynamic structure of the protein in the two samples.’