Definition of deuteron in English:



  • The nucleus of a deuterium atom, consisting of a proton and a neutron.

    ‘The wave functions of both the deuteron and the alpha particle are invariant under the interchange of up and down quarks but recall that the pion wave function is not.’
    • ‘If the laser frequencies are high enough, the deuteron effectively feels the proton's force in all directions, and the repulsion cancels itself.’
    • ‘Tritium was discovered by physicists Ernest Rutherford, M.L. Oliphant, and Paul Harteck, in 1934, when they bombarded deuterium (a hydrogen isotope with mass number 2) with high-energy deuterons (nuclei of deuterium atoms).’
    • ‘In the second step, a deuteron combines with a proton to form the nucleus of helium - 3, which contains two protons and one neutron.’
    • ‘In this energy range, there is no reason, in principle, to have a different scattering behavior for protons and deuterons.’



/ˈdo͞odərən/ /ˈdudərən/ /ˈdo͞odəˌrän/ /ˈdudəˌrɑn/


1930s from Greek deuteros ‘second’, on the pattern of proton.