Definition of deutzia in English:



  • An ornamental shrub with white or pinkish flowers, native to Asia and Central America.

    Genus Deutzia, family Hydrangeaceae

    ‘Spring-flowering shrubs include such popular plants as forsythia, deutzia, lilac, viburnum, mock-orange and spirea.’
    • ‘These include viburnums, forsythia, spiraea, osmanthus, deutzia, weigela and similar plants.’
    • ‘We have now reached the later days of May, and the deutzias should be planted out in the open ground.’
    • ‘Slender deutzia is a dense, rounded, deciduous shrub with slender, broadly spreading to arching stems.’
    • ‘Though they have little outward resemblance, deutzias are a member of the hydrangea family.’
    • ‘Slender deutzia is an attractive deciduous shrub with a long history as a garden favorite.’
    • ‘The borders are filled with a variety of old fashioned roses interspersed with pink deutzias for effect before they flower.’
    • ‘Mostly it is the deciduous spring-flowering deutzias that are seen in gardens - they are an impressive sight when in full bloom, as the masses of flowers smother the plant.’
    • ‘Fragrant white mock-oranges, deutzias, magnolias, and dogwoods bloom in June.’
    • ‘Brooms or Buddleias, cotoneasters, deutzias or euonymus - there are many shrubs available that will suit your garden and climate, so enhance your garden with some shrubs.’
    • ‘Lately, deutzia has been as hard to find as a four-leaf clover.’
    • ‘Prune shrubs that have finished flowering, such as flowering currants, kerrias, weigelas, philadelphus and deutzias, by cutting back flowered shoots to a healthy bud.’
    • ‘Spiræas, syringas, weigelas, and deutzias were also used.’
    • ‘She has also mixed in small flowering shrubs like spireas and deutzias.’
    • ‘What also has room to grow now are the deutzias.’
    • ‘Thousands of tulips, pansies and forget-me-nots, together with venerable lilacs, wisteria, spireas and deutzias (many from the 1930s Annette Hoyt Flanders renovation) dominate the spring show of flowers.’
    • ‘I ordered two deutzias (they have produced lots of flowers, and I pruned them to keep them small on purpose).’



/ˈd(y)o͞otsēə/ /ˈd(j)utsiə/


Modern Latin, named after Johann van der Deutz, 18th-century Dutch patron of botany.