Definition of developing country in English:

developing country


  • A poor agricultural country that is seeking to become more advanced economically and socially.

    ‘It doesn't just lend money, it helps developing countries become tomorrow's markets.’
    • ‘Is it only the poor developing countries which should be adopting such priorities?’
    • ‘The underprivileged are in the European countries and in the developing countries.’
    • ‘That's why so many developing countries are competing fiercely to attract their investment.’
    • ‘There has not been a full-blown developing country crisis since Argentina nearly two years ago, and he says he does not see an imminent crisis happening.’
    • ‘She added that as a developing country, Namibia has a lot to learn concerning nursing services in first world countries like Finland.’
    • ‘He also laid down the basic tenets of Indian foreign policy that helped put India on the world map as a leading developing country.’
    • ‘Apparently, we could join that group, but it is not really credible for New Zealand to claim that it is a developing country.’
    • ‘The rise in living standards in the typical developing country over the past two decades was zero.’
    • ‘Each developing country was then free to allocate these quotas among its domestic companies as it wished.’
    • ‘But we're where it's important to be, in terms of being in a developing country that you know well.’
    • ‘As a developing country India had a ten year grace period, which ended at the beginning of 2005.’
    • ‘He readily admits that only a developing country like China could let him realise his dream.’
    • ‘At the same time, the two companies plan a strategic alliance in developing countries.’
    • ‘They are benefiting from the education provided by developing countries.’
    • ‘Cheap oil is also in the interest of developing countries, except for those which are oil exporters.’
    • ‘So what can we do to help developing countries in a way that is not condescending and hypocritical?’
    • ‘One of the aims of the Doha trade round was to provide more benefits to developing countries.’
    • ‘Nor is it unusual for rapidly developing countries to experience economic problems.’
    • ‘The League's support is growing in this, the poorest and slowest developing country of the European Union.’


developing country

/dəˈveləpiNG ˌkəntrē/ /dəˈvɛləpɪŋ ˌkəntri/