Definition of developmentally in English:



  • In a way that relates to the development of someone or something.

    ‘hunger is leaving millions of children developmentally delayed’
    • ‘culturally, developmentally, and economically, the places we come from are very different’
    • ‘A grown man who discusses marital intimacies with his mother is judgment-free and developmentally damaged.’
    • ‘This included comprehensive health and social services and the provision of developmentally oriented schooling experiences.’
    • ‘The group works with emotionally and developmentally impaired students.’
    • ‘Even in the waking state, the unconscious mind assumes an almost telepathic connection to other people, which developmentally dates back to early childhood.’
    • ‘To teach developmentally means that we give the children the alphabetic principle and use their innate desire to learn as that which is exciting.’
    • ‘They couldn't figure out why he was going backwards developmentally.’
    • ‘She is very cuddly and clingy and is doing well developmentally.’
    • ‘In some cultures, developmentally challenged people are thought of as special messengers of God.’
    • ‘Information must be provided at a level that is developmentally and cognitively appropriate.’
    • ‘Japan has done well economically and developmentally, with the Japanese people enjoying relatively affluent and full lifestyles.’



/dəˌveləpˈmen(t)əlē/ /dəˌvɛləpˈmɛn(t)əli/