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‘Follow the revolutionary line of the Third Internationale in the heroic struggle against left deviationism!’
  • ‘Though the language he used was different, his alarm at deviationism and his insistence on adherence to the party line mirrored the Stalinist culture in which he operated for so long.’
  • ‘I intend to hold the Commissar for Justice to the CPGB's election promise when they come to lock me up for rightist deviationism.’
  • ‘On that job interview you mentioned, where you honestly expressed to a school principal your objections to journalism, you were punished for your courage, for your leftist deviationism, for ‘not playing the game.’’
  • ‘Burke continues to be accused by clueless academics and ignorant pundits either of inconsistency or deviationism for his very different reactions to the American and French Revolutions.’



/ˌdēvēˈāSHəˌnizəm/ /ˌdiviˈeɪʃəˌnɪzəm/