Definition of devil's walking stick in English:

devil's walking stick


  • ‘The common name of Aralia spinosa L., the devil's walking stick, arises from observations that the majority of plants of this species are composed of a single axis, heavily armed with prickles.’
    • ‘That's certainly true when it comes to tara-no-ki, which I've seen called devil's walking stick in English, and its horny, spiny, prickly and jaggy companions.’
    • ‘Bradley routinely drives down Dominion Boulevard in Chesapeake, where he sees lots of devil's walking stick trees growing alongside the highway.’
    • ‘A favorite spot in the woodland is a dell where paperbark maple, umbrella pine, dawn redwood, and devil's walking stick flourish.’
    • ‘It is sometimes confused in the literature with its eastern cousin, Aralia spinosa, also known as devil's club or devil's walking stick.’
    • ‘Among the trees found there are eastern redbud, black gum, sumac, mockernut hickory, cherry laurel and the devil's walking stick.’