Definition of dew point in English:

dew point


  • The atmospheric temperature (varying according to pressure and humidity) below which water droplets begin to condense and dew can form.

    ‘Starkey says the league sets standards the Ducks have to meet for ice and building temperatures, the dew point and humidity, which, if all are met, will provide the best ice.’
    • ‘Dew point (or dew point temperature) and relative humidity go hand-in-hand and both involve evaporation and condensation.’
    • ‘When it cools below the dew point, it condenses back into a liquid - the first phase change.’
    • ‘This vapor migrates into insulated cavities and, if it reaches the dew point (the air temperature at which water vapor cools enough to condense), it converts to liquid within the insulation.’
    • ‘To set up a parameter logging system, technicians should use IP interface devices that can originate periodic measurements of temperature, humidity and dew point or can be polled for this data.’
    • ‘In addition to measuring wind speed it also measures temperature, wind chill, dew point, humidity, and heat stress.’
    • ‘It's a handheld weather unit that computes wind, temperature, dew point and barometric pressure in several different units of measure.’
    • ‘The glass window had been chilled by the outside rain and had cooled the hot, humid air inside the bus below its dew point.’
    • ‘Houston's most humid months are July and August when the average dew point is 72 degrees.’
    • ‘Ice fog is simply fog that forms with the air temperature and dew point below freezing.’
    • ‘As you probably know, fog is more likely at night, and becomes more likely as the night goes on because the air is usually cooling off and sometimes cools to the dew point.’
    • ‘If a critical temperature, known as the dew point, is reached, condensation occurs and clouds form.’
    • ‘Carrier continued refining his original product and process, and in so doing, yielded a theory of how temperature, humidity, and dew point are related.’
    • ‘Water from the moist cavity air condenses on the window frame that spans this cavity because the frame is colder than the dew point temperature of the cavity air, especially in locations where the interior is air conditioned.’
    • ‘The heat index, similar to wind chill in the winter, establishes an apparent temperature by comparing either temperature/relative humidity or temperature / dew point.’
    • ‘‘We had nights where the low temperature was 75 degrees and the dew point was 72 or above,’ explained Whittington.’
    • ‘The over-wrap should be kept in place until the fruit temperature has risen past the dew point.’
    • ‘Temperature and relative humidity of the air in the chambers was regulated by bubbling the gas stream through water at 25°C and then through a condenser set to the required dew point.’
    • ‘The dew point of this mixture should be between - 40 and - 70°C.’
    • ‘Temperature, atmosphere composition, and dew point are closely controlled to decarburize the strip without oxidizing the surface.’


dew point

/ˈd(y)o͞o ˌpoint/ /ˈd(j)u ˌpɔɪnt/