Definition of dewclaw in English:



  • 1A rudimentary inner toe present in some dogs.

    ‘Look for the presence of a dewclaw, an extra digit on the paw.’
    • ‘If dewclaws are present on your Shih Tzu, trim the dewclaws as well.’
    • ‘One of her dewclaws had slashed diagonally across my forehead, eyebrow, nose, and cheek.’
    • ‘On the other hand, every night I take Gnat out of the bath, take her to the big bed for diapering, and EVERY NIGHT my well-turned shin is too much for Jasper to resist, and gawDAMN those dewclaws hurt when they dig in.’
    • ‘Don't let the dewclaws go unattended more than a few weeks.’
    • ‘Apparently not all breeds have a dewclaw and this why the average number of bones in the skeleton varies!’
    1. 1.1A false hoof on an animal such as a deer, which is formed by its rudimentary side toes.
      ‘A fully mature buck (31/2 years old or older) will leave a track measuring 5 to 6 inches from toe tip to the back of the dewclaw (hoof length from 3 to 31/4 inches).’
      • ‘Since then I’ve seen a countless number of does that have left hoof drag marks and dewclaw prints in the snow.’
      paw, forepaw, hind paw, hoof, trotter, pad



/ˈd(y)o͞oklô/ /ˈd(j)uklɔ/


Late 16th century apparently from dew and claw.