Definition of dextrality in English:



See dextral

‘Overall, then, there is no trend from dextrality to sinistrality.’
  • ‘This tendency towards dextrality was explored further by examining a museum collection of extremities of walrus skeletons.’
  • ‘It is possible that other commissural systems that transmit motor commands and thus influence dextrality may also manifest sexual orientation-related differences.’
  • ‘Annett, M., Eglinton, E., Smythe, P. were the authors of Types of dyslexia and the shift to dextrality.’
  • ‘But when they were actively seeking out shellfish using their favoured flipper-beating technique, the walruses used their right flipper - a trait known as dextrality - 89 per cent of the time.’



/dekˈstralədē/ /dɛkˈstrælədi/