Definition of dextrally in English:



See dextral

‘Both species described here are sinistrally coiled, but a similar pattern of ornamentation is present on two Pennsylvanian species that are dextrally coiled.’
  • ‘Thus, the gerontic aperture of these dextrally coiled shells is situated on the left side in apertural view.’
  • ‘Clockwise rotation of the trend of volcanic ridges is associated with dextrally offset, sinistrally slipping transforms, while anticlockwise rotation is associated with sinistrally offset, dextrally slipping transforms.’
  • ‘The outer shell surface of both sinistrally coiled species of Crassimarginata is ornamented by distinct costae, but the dextrally coiled shells of Yukonoconcha seem to be smooth.’
  • ‘Similar to all Porcellioidea, the shell axes of the dextrally coiled early shell and teleoconch are parallel (anastrophy).’