Definition of Dhamma in English:



another term for Dharma, especially among Theravada Buddhists
‘Seeing is dhamma, attachment is dhamma, anger is dhamma.’
  • ‘In contrast to this dominant view the Buddha sought to proclaim the dhamma universally once he had resolved the problem whether to proclaim it at all.’
  • ‘This helps limit the sense of the word dhamma to a middle range - all mental states that are unfolding in the experience of a particular person.’
  • ‘Primarily because I know it is only a momentary dhamma, a reality.’
  • ‘Some have thought that this dhamma was identical with Buddhism but, though informed by Buddhist morality, it was essentially the emperor's own.’



/ˈdämə/ /ˈdɑmə/


Pali, from Sanskrit dharma ‘decree or custom’.