Definition of dhobi in English:


nounplural noun dhobis

  • (in South Asia) a washerman or washerwoman.

    ‘In 2000, separate welfare boards were formed for handicrafts, artists, agricultural workers, weavers, tailors, tree climbers, dhobis, hairdressers, chapel makers and auto workers.’
    • ‘I am grateful that some of us still employ dhobis.’
    • ‘The dhobi had mistakenly exchanged our shirts.’
    • ‘My friend Santosh, the dhobi, tells us proudly about buying a mobile phone for his parents in their remote village in Uttar Pradesh.’
    • ‘And he was well served by his staff, who included a gardener, a water-carrier, a dhobi, and a watchman.’



/ˈdōbē/ /ˈdoʊbi/


From Hindi dhobī, from dhob ‘washing’.