Definition of diabolo in English:


nounplural noun diabolos

  • 1A game in which a two-headed top is thrown up and caught with a string stretched between two sticks.

    ‘After the show, children were given the chance to try juggling, plate spinning and diabolo for themselves.’
    • ‘The routines include religious folk and aboriginal dance, martial arts along with diabolo playing and shuttlecock kicking.’
    • ‘Mr Collins performed again on Monday, this time demonstrating his juggling and diabolo talents.’
    • ‘In particular, the inclusion of the diabolo and skipping rope routines are so infused with childish jubilance that they thrust the audience right back into the playground of their own childhood.’
    • ‘Quidam features a variety of incredible circus acts, including the German wheel, banquine, Spanish webs, diabolos, aerial contortion in silk and, of course, a trio of crazy clowns.’
    1. 1.1The wooden top used in the game of diabolo.
      ‘In Quidam a group of alarmingly young-looking Chinese girls manipulate the diabolos while flinging themselves about.’
      • ‘They were very clever, only dropped one diabolo, and juggled and did acrobatics with the diabolos in time to the music.’



/dēˈabəˌlō/ /diˈæbəˌloʊ/ /dīˈabəˌlō/ /daɪˈæbəˌloʊ/


Early 20th century from Italian, from ecclesiastical Latin diabolus ‘devil’; the game was formerly called devil on two sticks.