Definition of diachrony in English:



See diachronic

‘Enough of diachrony vs. synchrony for this posting.’
  • ‘The enactment of masochistic desire is a performance of history, and masochism is a synchronic enactment of diachrony.’
  • ‘Levinas, also, describes the relationship with the other as time: ‘it is an untotalizable diachrony in which one moment pursues another without ever being able to retrieve it, to catch up with, or coincide with it’ (‘Dialogue’ 21).’
  • ‘Correlation of the two regions (Wales and Spain) is achieved by ammonite biostratigraphy; however, the correlation is complicated by diachrony in the ammonite zones, especially around the Pliensbachian / Toarcian boundary.’
  • ‘The repetition of the word century, instead of evoking diachrony, only further betrays the precarious instantaneity of the utterance, its vocalic ephemerality.’



/dīˈakrənē/ /daɪˈækrəni/