Definition of diagenetic in English:


Pronunciation /-jəˈnetik/



See diagenesis

‘Metamorphism could be thought of as an extreme form of diagenesis, but diagenetic processes are generally distinguished from metamorphism and are considered in terms of the sedimentary rocks on which they act.’
  • ‘The only volumetrically important and widespread diagenetic effect of groundwater flow on carbonates in near-surface evaporitic settings is reflux dolomitization.’
  • ‘Most microbes live in near-surface or shallow subsurface diagenetic settings where temperatures and pressures are relatively low and nutrients are abundant.’
  • ‘Petrographical studies were conducted by examining thin sections in transmitted and reflected light to identify magnetic mineralogy and diagenetic phases.’
  • ‘In response to burial in sedimentary basins, clay minerals in mudrock lithologies, including mudstone, shale and slate, undergo diagenetic and low-grade metamorphic reactions.’