Definition of diagenetically in English:


Pronunciation /-jəˈnetik(ə)lē/



See diagenesis

‘At each sample site, the least diagenetically modified, coarser grained sediments from laminae of dune couplets were selected for analysis.’
  • ‘This record, however, is diagenetically altered in most continental shelf sections and only high frequency temperature trends are generally preserved (Schrag et al. 1995 and references therein).’
  • ‘We acknowledge that virtually all Paleozoic calcareous foraminifers are diagenetically altered.’
  • ‘Under high magnification, lighter patches that can be seen probably correspond with larger crystals or clusters of crystals that have aggraded diagenetically.’
  • ‘On the other hand, in the grey-pink argillaceous levels, fossils are much more better preserved, although slightly distorted or weakly diagenetically flattened.’