Definition of diagnostically in English:



See diagnostic

‘Now we want to combine this technique with measurements of certain Alzheimer-related proteins found in the cerebrospinal fluid, to get an even more diagnostically specific assessment.’
  • ‘However, the substance abuse can trigger or worsen personality disorders, or produce a syndrome that is diagnostically compatible with personality disorders.’
  • ‘Although protoporphyrin was associated with a large proportion of our abnormal measurements, it was not found to be diagnostically useful.’
  • ‘A fistulogram using contrast dye or methylene blue instilled via a perineal sinus or vaginal opening may be diagnostically helpful.’
  • ‘Braude also advised mental health care professionals against a rush to diagnosis, noting that it is preferable and diagnostically more accurate to defer diagnosis until the person is out of danger and has had the opportunity to heal.’



/ˌdīəɡˈnästək(ə)lē/ /ˌdaɪəɡˈnɑstək(ə)li/