Definition of dial-around in English:



  • Used to describe a telephone service that requires callers to dial a special access code that enables them to bypass (or ‘dial around’) their chosen long-distance carrier in order to obtain a better rate.

    ‘The latter specializes in so-called dial-around services, where you have to dial 10-10 plus a three-digit code to make calls from your home phone.’
    • ‘Another strategy, introduced in the mid '90s, was to launch brands that didn't ostensibly link to MCI, like 1-800 - Collect and 10-10-321, the first dial-around service.’
    • ‘‘For people with a cell phone plan that charges more for long-distance calls within the U.S., you may save money by using the CogniDial toll-free access dial-around plan for state-to-state calls,’ he notes.’
    • ‘In late 1998, the hot story in telecom marketing was that AT&T was heading into combat against rival MCI WorldCom over an industry MCI had pioneered two years earlier: dial-around services.’
    • ‘The only drawback to 3U is that I have to enter a four-digit dial-around code before each call.’