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  • (of a computer system or service) used remotely via a phone line.

    ‘Their fate is to now wrestle with dial-up services while they wait for their ISPs to switch them to other DSL carriers.’
    • ‘The dial-up service and line quality of Mobisurf and Orbitel got the highest praise.’
    • ‘The company currently provides phone and dial-up Internet services to customers in such areas.’
    • ‘Blogging isn't great fun if you're using a dial-up system where it takes longer to load a page than read it.’
    • ‘Later this week I'll be comparing two dial-up modems designed for use on noisy lines.’
    • ‘His claim that BT will ‘slash the cost of dial-up Internet access’ turns out to be rubbish.’
    • ‘The usual way to get a mobile device onto the Internet is to install a modem driver and then configure dial-up networking.’
    • ‘If you use a dial-up Internet service, check the settings on your PC regularly.’
    • ‘Now I no longer have to wait through that special dial-up fanfare as my computer attempts to connect to the internet every ten minutes.’
    • ‘The desk gave me the dial-up telephone number for the local service provider.’
    • ‘The aim is to make WiFi access as simple to use as Internet dial-up connections.’
    • ‘Check it on a slow dial-up connection using a laptop, then turn the images off and see if you can still use the site.’
    • ‘That said, voice quality is very good and it even works over a standard dial-up modem.’
    • ‘Increased dissatisfaction with sluggish dial-up Net access is likely to increase demand for broadband services.’
    • ‘Telewest is flogging its cable broadband service for less than the price of unmetered dial-up access in a bid to attract new punters.’
    • ‘A local ISP is claiming that their new service will triple the speed of your dial-up connection.’
    • ‘Within the dial-up market, revenue from Internet access is starting to disappear.’
    • ‘Rogue diallers change the number used in dial-up connections to an expensive international number.’
    • ‘Signing up more flat-rate dial-up users is more likely to push the ISP towards the black.’
    • ‘We haven't been able to listen to it properly on our unreliable dial-up lines - very frustrating!’



/ˈdī(ə)l əp/ /ˈdaɪ(ə)l əp/