Definition of dialer in English:



  • A device or piece of software for calling phone numbers automatically.

    ‘hackers can break in with speed dialers’
    • ‘Under Federal Communications Commission regulations it is illegal for telemarketers to use automated diallers to call cell phone numbers.’
    • ‘Strategies include instruction and practice in the use of date books, calendars, reminder notes, compartmentalized pill boxes, electronic cuing devices, automatic telephone dialers and the like.’
    • ‘Companies who use rogue diallers lease the telephone numbers from about 70 telecoms operators.’
    • ‘Many cars are now equipped with cell phones with voice recognition dialers.’
    • ‘A rogue dialler is software that installs a premium rate number as the default dial-up number on a victim's computer without his knowledge, resulting in an unexpectedly expensive call every time the computer connects to the internet.’
    • ‘Software installed on victims' PCs varies from porn diallers to spyware and adware packages.’
    • ‘MTS, he added, recommended he download Spyware software to remove viruses and special dialers and unplug the modem when he is not using the Internet.’
    • ‘When you consider the security risks from spyware, Trojans, diallers and attempted identity theft spam becomes much more than just an annoyance - it becomes a minefield for any computer user.’
    • ‘ActiveX can also be used to download spyware, hijackers, dialers and ad ware.’
    • ‘Some rogue dialers call phone numbers based on islands in the Pacific, leading to expensive bills.’
    • ‘Additional protection is offered against spyware and web diallers, while an integrated firewall keeps out hackers.’
    • ‘The predictive dialer is the foundation of the modem outbound contact center; for years it has been the technology of choice for telemarketing, telesales and fundraising campaigns.’
    • ‘The dialer can detect busy, no answer, voice mail, fax/modem or human response and instantly connect the line with an available agent.’
    • ‘BT told her she must have unwittingly downloaded an automatic dialler onto her computer as she surfed the net.’
    • ‘Through the dialer, users' modems are silently disconnected, then reconnected to the internet through an international long-distance number.’
    • ‘You also need to keep out the bad guys who would love to fill your PC with malicious spyware, premium-rate diallers, internet worms and spam relays.’
    • ‘Since most phone companies share revenues with service providers, rogue diallers seem to make good money.’
    • ‘Later, technology stepped in and made the TSR's job easier with predictive and preview dialers.’
    • ‘The takeover was in response to the fact that an estimated 80 percent of PCs are infected by spyware and other potentially malicious software such as keyloggers and dialers.’
    • ‘The predictive dialer's pacing algorithm controls the dialing rate in an effort to minimize agent idle time and maximize productivity.’



/ˈdī(ə)lər/ /ˈdaɪ(ə)lər/