Definition of diamagnetism in English:




See diamagnetic

‘But his fame is certainly much greater than these concrete results alone might suggest - even if one were to include other formulae, such as the Landau diamagnetism of free electrons.’
  • ‘While his brief mentions of diamagnetism and superconductors may enhance an understanding of Primer, his film deserves the sort of rigorous analysis that was brought to bear on The Matrix trilogy in last year's 10-disc set.’
  • ‘Although diamagnetic effects are usually very small, one class of materials shows strikingly large diamagnetism: superconductors.’
  • ‘The pi orbitals give rise to benzene's diamagnetism.’
  • ‘He followed his line of experiments which led him to discover diamagnetism.’



/ˌdīəˈmaɡnəˌtizəm/ /ˌdaɪəˈmæɡnəˌtɪzəm/