Definition of diamond in the rough in English:

diamond in the rough


North American
  • A person who is generally of good character but lacks manners, education, or style.

    British term rough diamond

    ‘He may even be this year's NBA diamond in the rough.’
    • ‘He is a diamond in the rough who showed flashes last year with the Browns.’
    • ‘In his perennial search for diamonds in the rough, GM Jerry West brought in three second round picks.’
    • ‘He got burned by a woman who couldn't see that he was a diamond in the rough.’
    • ‘Moreland, signed as an undrafted free agent, could be a diamond in the rough.’
    • ‘The team has brought in a lot of veteran pitching, hoping to find that one diamond in the rough.’
    • ‘Louie is presented as a raw hero, a diamond in the rough.’
    • ‘"He's a real diamond in the rough."’
    • ‘The Chiefs feel second-year man Mark Word, an undrafted free agent who was active for just six games last year, could be another diamond in the rough.’
    • ‘Don't get me wrong here, all my friends have nice pretty wives who are in fact American, but these women appear to be diamonds in the rough.’