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diamond wedding

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(also diamond wedding anniversary)
  • The sixtieth (or seventy-fifth) anniversary of a wedding.

    ‘they recently celebrated their diamond wedding’
    • ‘Roy and Annie will celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary on Monday’
    • ‘The oldest couple there were Ron and Joan Audritt who will celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary later this month.’
    • ‘The Queen has sent more than 280,000 telegrams to couples celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary.’
    • ‘They had a son and a daughter and enjoyed over sixty years of marriage, celebrating their diamond wedding in June 1950.’
    • ‘She celebrated her diamond wedding anniversary last August.’
    • ‘He continued to lead a full and active life and he and his wife celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary in August 1999.’
    • ‘A former headteacher of Austwick Primary School and his wife celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary next week.’
    • ‘A couple who spent almost 30 years working together are celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary.’
    • ‘Roy and his wife are looking forward to celebrating their diamond wedding later this year.’
    • ‘Now the Coopers are just two years short of their diamond wedding anniversary and the spectacle of the old building's destruction has upset them both.’
    • ‘Predeceased by Muriel a year after their diamond wedding anniversary, he leaves six children and 12 grandchildren.’
    • ‘Next month the couple, who celebrate their diamond wedding on Thursday, will return to the resort as VIP guests.’
    • ‘A couple who met as teenagers celebrate their diamond wedding this week.’
    • ‘And it was clearly the perfect match because the couple from Upper Stratton have just celebrated their diamond wedding.’
    • ‘She raised for £1,100 for Coronary Care as part of her celebrations for her diamond wedding anniversary.’
    • ‘For when the pensioner discovered lots of cake was left over from his diamond wedding anniversary, he decided to take it to the Royal Bolton Hospital.’
    • ‘She died two days before her diamond wedding anniversary.’
    • ‘Asa and Marion McIntyre will toast their diamond wedding anniversary next Thursday.’
    • ‘Barbara and Stan Dyer who could not be present were sent a bouquet for their diamond wedding anniversary.’
    • ‘Joe and Eva Cummings, of Edgware Road, York, marked their diamond wedding yesterday, more than 60 years after they first met at church in Carlisle, where Joe lived and Eva was working as a domestic servant.’
    • ‘Bouquets were presented to Joan Houghton for her 80th birthday and to Peggy Smith for her diamond wedding.’


diamond wedding

/ˈdī(ə)mənd ˈwediNG/ /ˈdaɪ(ə)mənd ˈwɛdɪŋ/