Definition of diamond willow in English:

diamond willow


North American
  • A willow with diamond-shaped depressions on the trunk as a result of fungal attack, resulting in timber with a diamond-shaped pattern of pale sapwood and darker heartwood.

    Several species in the genus Salix are affected, in particular S. bebbiana

    ‘Once a year a friend drives a load of diamond willow down to us - and this wood is just beautiful.’
    • ‘Another feature of diamond willow is the presence of boring insects and the tunnels they create in the wood from their boring activities.’
    • ‘Harvest of diamond willow is allowed on the Forest, but requires a permit, which can be obtained at Forest Service offices.’
    • ‘I'm buying five acres of land and thought it would be neat to try and grow some diamond willows.’
    • ‘The area was called the ‘river bottoms’ and had stands of red willows, big cottonwoods and diamond willows.’


diamond willow

/ˈdī(ə)mənd ˈwilō/ /ˈdaɪ(ə)mənd ˈwɪloʊ/