Definition of diamorphine in English:



short for diacetylmorphine (heroin)
‘It was prompted by the death of 22-year-old Jill Griffiths, from Skipton, who suffered a fatal overdose of the painkiller diamorphine in a mix-up over similar capsules with different amounts of the drug.’
  • ‘All were unsuspecting, mostly middle-aged or elderly women, and all trusted him as he gave them deadly injections of the painkiller diamorphine.’
  • ‘An inquest heard in November how an emergency doctor accidentally gave her an overdose of the painkiller diamorphine for a migraine after he misread a drug label.’
  • ‘It emerged he had obtained huge quantities of the drug diamorphine over at least five years, on one occasion securing enough to kill 400 people.’
  • ‘Since diamorphine and cocaine have a bitter taste, gin, brandy, tincture of orange, honey, and syrups are used to mask it.’
  • ‘Epidural diamorphine was found to be effective in a double-blind study of primigravidae.’
  • ‘Nasal diamorphine is evidently effective, safe, and easy to administer.’
  • ‘Controversially, the MPs also call for an experiment in providing heroin users with ‘clean’ heroin, or diamorphine, legally available to users with advice on doses and injecting techniques.’
  • ‘The 22-year-old, who worked as a marketing assistant in a building society in Skipton, was given diamorphine after visiting the out-of-hours service in the town with a severe migraine.’
  • ‘Last July he received a suspended 12-month sentence for offences at the Norfolk practice after he stole pethidine and diamorphine and made out false prescriptions to get the drugs for himself.’
  • ‘Part of Professor Baker's report gives recommendations for tighter controls on the procedure for death certification, as well as the availability of controlled drugs such as diamorphine.’
  • ‘Later that year, he began to dose himself with Class A controlled drugs pethedrine and diamorphine after he noticed strong painkillers he prescribed for a knee injury had also helped with his state of mind.’
  • ‘She said she had never been given any formal training in the use of drug pumps, which administer diamorphine to patients, but said she would routinely press the booster button once or twice on the pumps to help ease pain.’
  • ‘The tiny 10 mg and 30 mg ampoules of diamorphine are identical and contain the same amount of powder - only the concentration is different.’
  • ‘The government has warned doctors that stocks of diamorphine - a common painkiller - may reach a ‘critical level’ within weeks.’
  • ‘He was also able to stockpile vast amounts of diamorphine the clinical name for heroin which he had either falsely prescribed or taken from cancer patients after their deaths.’
  • ‘Number Four heroin from the golden triangle of South-East Asia is nearly always off-white, almost pure diamorphine.’
  • ‘The Government says it will help patients get quicker access to medicines, except controlled drugs such as diamorphine which will be exempted.’
  • ‘I had a natural birth and I got gas, air and diamorphine.’
  • ‘The nine-inch wide dark grey box has a combination lock and contained five doses each of adrenaline, pethidine and diamorphine.’



/ˌdīəˈmôrfēn/ /ˌdaɪəˈmɔrfin/