Definition of diapedesis in English:



  • The passage of blood cells through the intact walls of the capillaries, typically accompanying inflammation.

    ‘In 1870, Woodward observed a photomicrograph from the stomach of a mare with gastroenteritis demonstrating a white blood cell undergoing diapedesis from a small vein.’
    • ‘These events contribute to leukocyte diapedesis across the endothelial monolayer and tissue inflammation.’
    • ‘Based on his studies of a frog's tongue, Waller made important observations on diapedesis of leukocytes and reported that pus originated from ‘the colourless of spherical corpuscles from the capillaries.’’
    • ‘An elevated glucose level also affects polymorphonuclear lymphocytes, causing decreased chemotaxis, diapedesis, and phagocytosis, which in turn leads to a decreased ability to fight infection.’
    • ‘This stress relief prolongs the bond lifetime and lowers the chance of extraction of selectins from the rolling cell surface and hence helps keep the cell linked to the endothelium until firm arrest and diapedesis occur.’



/ˌdīəpəˈdēsis/ /ˌdaɪəpəˈdisɪs/


Early 17th century modern Latin, based on Greek dia ‘through’ + pēdan ‘throb or leap’.