Definition of diapirism in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌizəm/



See diapir

‘Attempting to provide a purely terrestrial explanation for the central uplift, 1 have suggested that it could have been caused by reactive diapirism of the Lower Jurassic succession beneath an extending Cretaceous cover.’
  • ‘Uplift would result from resultant mantle upwelling or asthenospheric diapirism.’
  • ‘One of the most impressive manifestations of salt diapirism is where diapirs emerge at the present surface as a glacier of pure salt, moving at rates of between ten and one hundred metres per thousand years.’
  • ‘Reactive diapirism in Lower Jurassic shales may have contributed to the formation of a central uplift at base Cretaceous level.’
  • ‘This can be related to shearing along the decollement during underthrusting or to mud diapirism.’